What is Brow Lamination, and is it for You?

Jan, 15,2022


Brow lamination is growing to be one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry in recent years. Brow Lamination is a treatment that creates thick, fluffy, bushy, and heavy eyebrows that you may have seen on models and Instagram influencers. 


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How does Brow Lamination work?

Brow lamination is a cosmetic treatment that involves reshaping your natural eyebrows. Lamination of the eyebrows makes styling much more fluffy as if they've been micro-bladed. The hair is more flexible than being permanently fixed in its new position. The cream is first applied to the eyebrows to lift the hair; then, the beautician brushes the eyebrows to give them the appearance of the raised eyebrows. Then they use a neutralizer to keep your eyebrows in place, and finally, an oil is applied to prevent the chemicals from drying out and irritating the skin. The beautician can then pull out the isolated hair or wax the eyebrows to a curved look. You can also add colour such as a Hybrid Dye or Tint if you'd like to ad definition and depth to your brows.

  • "After Trying Brow Lamination for the first time, I personally will never go back to my normal brows again"

    • Lily S - Wodonga, VIC

How long will the Brow Lamination last, and how much will it cost?

Brow lamination mostly lasts for around 6-8 weeks. We recommend after your treatment that you don’t rub or scratch or apply water to your eyebrows for your the first 24 hours of the treatment as this can affect the overall longevity and results of your Brow Lamination. Moreover, this treatment generally costs around $50- $160 per service. 

Benefits of Brow Lamination

Following are the benefits of brow lamination:

• This procedure requires no preparation. You may not have time to prepare your eyebrows due to your busy schedule. Fully grow your eyebrows before you receive the lamination treatment. After lamination of the eyebrows, it's straightforward to keep up with the fantastic eyebrows.

• Eyebrow lamination is non-invasive. Keratin prescriptions are perfect for your brows and make them stronger and more hydrated.

• If you avoid reshaping your eyebrows because it is painful with threading or wax, then brow lamination is the best option. It is because this treatment doesn’t hurt at all.

• If your eyebrows are unruly, this treatment is one of the best options for that, as brow lamination changes the direction of growth of your brow hairs.

Drawbacks of Brow Lamination 

• Brow lamination is not suitable for all types of skin types. Lamination works on almost all types of eyebrows, but be careful if you have sensitive skin.

• Possible side effects include itching, dry skin, redness, swelling, and itching. Again, this is rare, and eyebrow specialists should tell you if your skin is suitable for this treatment.

• The chemicals used can also contact the eyes and cause irreversible eye damage. Just as over-treating the hair on the scalp with chemicals or bleaching can lead to hair damage, dryness, and even hair loss, so do the eyebrows. The chemicals used in this process can also damage sensitive hair.

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Brow Lamination By Olivia @ Bombshell Beauty Academy

Brow Lamination VS Brow Soap 

When soaping your brows, you have to take a disposable spoolie brush, dampen it, then lightly rub it against the soap. Don’t do it too much, else you’ll get suds on your eyebrows. Next, you drag the brush over your brows. Specifically, you do it up, outwards, then down. This is in the direction of eyebrow growth. Do it correctly, and it should last the entire day.

With eyebrow lamination a well educated professional will carefully take you through the process to create the desired full and fluffy long lasting look. For more information the exact process of this procedure please refer to my lamination service page. Tinting can be added to eyebrow lamination to achieve an even more full and defined look. 

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Brow Lamination By Em @ Bombshell Beauty Academy