How to get the most out of your Summer Tan

Jan, 15,2022


Looking sun-kissed, rested, and radiant even after wearing much less make-up than you usually do is simply one of the perks of escaping to warm places. It is no surprise that most people want to hang onto their annual holidays for as long as possible, and that is where the maintenance of your tanned body comes.

Ways to get the most out of your Summer Tan:
We have found some easy and tested ways to make your summer tan last longer. These tips are mentioned as follows:


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Moisturize Daily

You do not want that summer tan to vanish at once after your vacation. Moisturising your skin is essential to maintaining that tan. If your pores and skin have started to peel, an oil-based moisturiser renews the oil in your skin within no time. You can also try grapeseed or coconut oil. However, it is best for your skin not to let it reach that point. Just like your whole body, your skin also needs hydration. 

Apply the moisturiser daily as much as you and this will help your tan last longer. Shea body butter also works best in this case. Make sure that you use the moisturiser readily after the shower and shaving. This helps trap the moisturiser in your skin and prevents your tan from fading.

  • "Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than having beautiful sun kissed looking skin without the use of harmful sun rays!"

    • Jessica W - Melbourne, VIC


Gentle exfoliation of your pores and skin will assist your skin in producing oils. Exfoliation helps you in having smooth skin as well as makes your tan last longer than usual. This step enables you to remove the dead skin cells and provides you with touchable and soft skin to apply tan easily. You can use both the exfoliating gloves or the frame washes with a scrub to exfoliate. Another choice is to apply sugar blended with honey to now no longer best exfoliate but additionally enhance the pores and skin conditions. 

Cold Showers

If you want to have attractive and radiant tanned skin the whole year, make peace with cold showers. Warm water showers regularly dehydrate your pores and skin and change your skin texture to dry skin. This is the leading cause of the tan's fading within some days after tanning. Cold water showers enhance blood circulation and maintain your skin health. 

If you want to keep your skin safe from environmental factors like dust and dirt, take a shower with high-quality bathing oils. Room temperature showers are the best for maximum advantages associated with your skin and suntan.

Use Sunscreen Regularly 

It will help a lot if you use good sunscreen while you tan. Make sure you check the forecast of UV Index in your area, and if it is three or more, do use sunscreen even if you are out in the sun for a more extended time period. Broad-spectrum, as a minimum SPF30. There are several excellent sunscreens available in the market. If you've got a tan with a solid base, you should wait for a little before applying the sunscreen. If your skin is very fair, you should start using sunscreen at once. You should also use a lip balm with SPF-15 to avoid having chapped lips.

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