Online Course FAQS


Our Certificate is legal and valid for use anywhere in Australia and also many other countries in the world to either work in a salon or start your own business.

If you are outside of Australia, you will need to check locally to see if any licensing requirements are in force or more formal qualifications are required.

At present our courses are not accredited, however as there are no licensing requirements in Australia (and many other countries) our Certificate is all you need. You can undertake more formal qualifications once you get going if you so desire, but there is absolutely no legal requirement to do so.



There are absolutely no pre-requisites for any of our courses. Our courses have been designed for people with no prior beauty experience to get them into the Beauty Industry quickly. Our unique step by step training program along with the subject training explains everything from start to finish.



As each course is different all product requirements will be explained in each course at the beginning. 

We have course kits available for our students connivence. If you'd like to source different products from your local salon supply store, thats fine too :) 



Each course will vary from time it will take you to complete. Our courses are all completely at your own pace.

Many students complete our courses in 1-3 weeks of enrolment. 



Our courses are a mixture of Quizzes, Presentations, Assignments, Multiple choice and video lessons!

They are extremely easy to follow and packed with much information on each subject. Our courses are specially designed to help you engage and hold the information we teach you to excel you to success in your chosen field! 

Once I've completed my course, when will I recieve my certificate? 

We will email your certificate to you within 3-7 business days of course completion! 


M∙A∙C PRO Membership program

As a student of Bombshell Beauty Academy you are eligible to claim student discounts! More Information Here 



How Our Online Courses Work:

1) You purchase the course! 

2) Wait for your log in's to be sent to you (usually within 2 hours of your purchase)

3) Log in onto our Online Training Platform. All your online courses will be displayed on your student dashboard. You can do it on mobile or computer!

4) Work through each module. Its best not to skip modules or exercises as it may hinder your progress and understanding further on.

5) Keep at it until you complete it! You have our educators ready to ask any questions!



Additional FAQS


I have purchased the course already, but is it okay to start at a later date?

Once purchased, when you start your course is entirely up to you. Our courses are all completely self paced as to suit our students' needs.


I have started my course but it says I cannot continue until this date, why?

We have put these blocks in place to allow students time to let the knowledge they have learned to sink in, rather than become overwhelmed with the amount of information being taken in.


I have submitted my assignment but it says I cannot continue until all prerequisites have been completed?

Your assignment has been uploaded to our courses trainers, where they will asses your work and provide feedback before you can continue. In some cases, assignments will have to be re-done, this is why we ask you to wait for your assignment to be approved before you can continue. 


I have purchased my course, but have not received my login yet?

Your login will be sent to you via Thinkific, please double check your inbox and junk mail for this.

Do you have payment plans available for your courses?

Yes, we do. We have AfterPay available and ( Make these hotlinks to the Afterpay and pages on our website, if we can)


Does my course come with a kit provided?

Our courses do not automatically come with kits provided, however you do have the option to purchase the course either course only, the course with kit and just the kit itself. Look out for the drop down option box on your desired courses page.


How can I submit my assignments to you? What if I uploaded the wrong file?

You can submit your assignments via the upload box within the course player when prompted. If you accidentally uploaded to wrong file, please give us a call on 02 6054 1758 or send us an email a


I’ve purchased a kit, how long does it take to be shipped out to me?

Course kits are usually shipped within 3-7 business days. However due to COVID-19, some delays are to be expected. 


I'm having trouble logging into my account, it says my credentials are invalid?

Please double check you're logging in using the Student Login button at the top of the Homepage. This is a different account to your online customer account.


I Purchased the 6 day one on one course, what dates will that be running?

The course dates for your 1-1 Training is negotiated between the in Salon Trainer and the student to work out when suits best and to allow time to find models to assist.  


How long do assignments take to be marked?

We aim to mark these as soon as possible for you, please allow 24-48hrs for assignment to be marked as we are still working in Salon as well as working the online courses, we also at times experience an influx of courses submitted at any one time, so we do ask for a little patience when it comes to marking assignments.




6) You will receive your certificate in the post when you completed the course and get passed from one of our educators.

7) Even after completing it you can come back to it at any time! You have lifetime access to our online courses!