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Classic Eyelash Extensions Online Course - Makeup and Beauty Courses Online


Internationally Accredited Classic Eyelash Extension Course ✅

Entry Level Eyelash Extension Course

Have you ever considered a career change, or thought about adding eyelash services to your beauty therapy menu?

This could be the step you need to take to increase your earnings casually, part time or to a full time potential.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are an extremely popular treatment and the demand for this treatment continues to grow. 

Classic Eyelash Extensions bond one synthetic lash per natural lash. Excellent fullness and length can be added to give your Clients a natural yet enhanced look.

80-100 eyelash extensions are usually used for a full set in Classic Eyelash Extensions application. The natural hair cycle means that no matter how well the eyelash extensions are bonded, some of the eyelashes will be lost due to natural lash fall, hence the need for infills and maintenance and therefore, repeat business! 

This course is completed online with physical practical components. 

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  Quality Education 

  Ongoing Support & Mentorship

  Free Lash Kit Included 

  Flexible Payment Plans Available 

All our students give it five-star reviews 


Over the 56 Lessons we've included in this course you will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the lash industry including....

Introduction to the Course

An introduction to Eyelash Extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions? 

During this unit you will learn frequently asked questions, Myths and what are Classic eyelash extensions. 

Keeping Client Records

There are 5 lessons in this unit detailing how to keep correct client records in your salon. 

Work Health & Saftey

There are 4 lessons in this unit detailing how to keep yourself and your clients safe in the salon.

Products & Equipment 

In this unit we go deep into detail about the essential products and equipment you will need for starting your own business.

Sanitisation & Bacteriology

During this unit we dive into all your sanitisation and bacteriology needs. 

Eyelash Extensions 101

During this unit we learn all the basic information about the process of applying eyelash extensions.

Eye Shape

The different eyeshades and how the will effect the design of your lash sets.

Lash Sizes

The different lengths and diameters of the lash extensions and which ones are the safest to use on your clients.

Anatomy Of The Eye

Basic Structure of the human eye. 

Hair Growth & Structure

During this 6 Lesson unit we explain all things hair and why it is one of the most important things to know when being a lash artist!


The most important thing to know in beauty

Room Set Up

The best way to set up your lash room.

Eyelash Extension Adhesives

How to troubleshoot your lash glue if it is not working.

Temperature effects on the glue

Proper Lash Isolation 

How to safely isolate a lash.

Eye-pad Application 

How to safely apply Eye-pads to your client.

Whats in your lash kit? 

During this unit we go through what is in your lash kit!

Classic Lash Application

During this unit we go through how to apply classic eyelash extensions.

Let's talk safe pre-made fan application for your clients!

Pre-made fan application is perfect for those who have completed their classic eyelash extension training and want to bridge the gap between Classic and Volume Eyelash extensions! 

You will receive: 
Extensive Online Training 


Exclusive discount from  the industry's top lash supplier of Pre-made Fans "Lash V" - 20% OFF your first order!

There aren't very many Pre-made fan courses out there that teach SAFE styling and how to use these godsend of lashes for beginners! 

This course includes extensive information, tricks & tips + a range of downloadable to help guide you on your journey to create beautiful Volume sets in no time! 

This course covers EVERYTHING you need to know about using pre-made fans to create beautiful hybrid and volume lashes for your clients!  

Online Course


  Quality Education 

  Ongoing Support & Mentorship

  Beginner Friendly 

  Flexible Payment Plans Available 

All five-star reviews 


What happens after I purchase the online course? 

After you purchase the course within a few minutes you will receive and email with your course login details - from here you will be able to log into the online course platform 24/7 and study whenever you like!

Are there set time frames to complete the course? 

No! Absolutely not! There are no set time frames to complete any of our online courses, its all completely up to you! You will also have lifetime access to your course so you will be able to come back and re-fresh your knowledge later on down the track. 

Are the courses updated? 

Yes! The beauty industry is constantly evolving - we will always keep our courses up to date with the most relevant education. 

How many uses are in the Free kit?

Included in the free kit is everything you will need to complete a full classic eyelash extension set for between 10-25 clients. 

Even if you charge just half price for lashes and completed 20 sets thats $1000 - you'll make your course cost in no time! 

How will I receive my kit? 

We will ship your kit out within 1-2 business days of your purchase. From here you will receive a notification from either Fastway/Amarax or couriers please with your tracking number sent to your email address. 

Is this course an accredited course? 

Yes! This course is an internationally accredited course which means it is of the highest quality of training and our certificate is recognised all around the world (we are just that good!)

How long will the course take to complete? 

Each course will vary from time it will take you to complete. Our courses are all completely at your own pace.

Many students complete our courses in 1-3 weeks of enrolment. 

How our online courses work

1) You purchase the course! 

2) Wait for your log in's to be sent to you (usually within 2 hours of your purchase)

3) Log in onto our Online Training Platform. All your online courses will be displayed on your student dashboard. You can do it on mobile or computer!

4) Work through each module. Its best not to skip modules or exercises as it may hinder your progress and understanding further on.

5) Keep at it until you complete it! You have our educators ready to ask any questions!

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes we most certainly do! We offer flexible payment plans through Afterpay. Pay-it-later and Lay-buy. Simply choose one at checkout as your payment option and follow the prompts.

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Utterly disappointing

If the bombshell team actually got back to me they would see I wanted a full refund because this is not what I paid for if there was a 0 start I would press it completely false advertising and just trying to make quick money

Hey Lovely -
As this is a mystery box - you cannot choose what is in them. Hence the title “Mystery box”
I can see by items packed in your box you received well over the $250 retail value - however if you are still unhappy with the box please call us to arrange a return on the box between business hours and we will be happy to assist.

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Good course but no certificate

Course was great and assignment was approved quickly however i never received my certificate and have sent two emails but had no reply.

Hey Kiarah -
If you give us a call on 02 6054 1758 in the morning we will be able to fix this issue for you in a timely manner - unfortunately some students are unable to download their certificates automatically on the dashboard and we are unsure why.
Thank you for your support and honest feedback ❤️

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