Makeup Lovers 16 Piece Brush Set


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The Makeup Lover - Precision collection features a curated assortment of award-winning and brand-new brushes. This set boasts 16pcs professional eye essentials. Each brush is handcrafted from a super soft blend of purely synthetic hairs to deliver comfort, precision, and luxury with each and every stroke. Achieve unlimited eye makeup looks with our perfectly arranged Makeup Lover Precision collection.



Color: Black

Hair: Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free & Flexible and Fine soft synthetic hair.

Handle:The seven times coated brush handle made of genuine wood.

Pipe:The Resistant Alloy ,Glossy Black

Paint :Pearlescent matte


--Cleaning and maintenance --

1) Wash the bristles with warm water
2) Mix baby shampoo and warm water into container
3) Dip the brush in the edge of the container and gently rub with fingers
4) Wash the bristles in the water until the shampoo is removed
5) Spin-dry the bristles
6) Hang the brush vertically down and let it air dry