16 Day Makeup Artistry In-Salon Course

Bombshell Beauty Academy

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Bend the colours to your will in the ultimate Makeup Artistry Course.
By the end of this course you will be a master of makeup, able to conquer any makeup look your heart desires!
Whether you’re a beginner wanting to start out in the makeup industry or an established MUA looking to advance your existing skills, this course has been developed for anyone who wants to redefine their artistry and master the signature Bombshell Styles.

You will learn the basics of Makeup right through to perfecting a glitter cut crease.

Beginners or Established MUA’s looking to develop their existing skills and learn the signature Bombshell style need to look no further. This course runs for 30 hours, which can be completed over a 1 week period or spaced out throughout the month.

Time: 80 Hours of training (Over Maximum 2 Month Period)

You will also receive a Certificate of completion + Additional Discounts + $250 Redeemable In-Store!