Must Know Makeup Tips

Hey Bombshell Babes,

We're here to provide only the best for you, and that's why we've researched and gathered only the most valuable tips from professionals to help you!..

1. Blend To The Brow

Ever wonder why your makeup look, just doesn't look complete? Blend to the brow is the answer!! Don't be afraid to go higher with the blending, we believe in you!

2. wet the sponge

Everyone is different, thus coming with different preferences. However, we can confidently say wetting your blender with warm water allows the sponge to swell and won't absorb your makeup but create an even blend into your pores.

3. eye makeup, THEN face 

Yet again, each individual comes with different preferences, we've (and plenty of other makeup artists) have always found it easier to do eyes first as It allows for mess-ups and won't ruin your coverage, (a girls worse nightmare!)

4. trust the process

Just like any art; acrylic on canvas, or foundation on skin, trusting the process is always key. Makeup takes not only practice but patience. Time will only tell, so don't give up, babe!

5. Don't lose yourself in the process

Girl, it's okay to breakdown mid makeup and it's okay to not be ecstatic with your outcome but it's not okay to run yourself too low for the 'perfect' makeup look. Keep in mind that it's only makeup and with the help of micellar water and a makeup pad, you'll be back on the road in no time!

6. use the correct brush

To make life harder but your makeup better; there are a variety of brush types available for any look. It's just figuring out which brush for what, right? We understand it's all about the right brush and that's why we're here to help. Feel free to check out our 'Everything To Know About Brushes' for more detailed information on everything there is to know about your brushes!

4. trust the process

Just like any art; acrylic on canvas, or foundation on skin, trusting the process is always key. Makeup takes not only practice but patience. Time will only tell, so don't give up, babe!

7. not to prime is a crime

Yes, priming is ALWAYS key, so don't forget it! Why? primer sets the base of makeup, giving you the perfect surface to work your magic on. Not only that, but it makes your makeup last longer!

8. down to the neck

Unlike applying eyeshadow UP to the brow, apply your foundation DOWN to the neck and ears. This is to ensure your makeup matches and blends with no lines. 

9. match your foundation correctly

Making mistakes is always part of learning, and a commonly made mistake is matching foundation to either the neck or face rather than the chest. The chest is the best as it is the part that hits the sun the most! 

10. step back... literally

You're half way through your full glammed out look, great!.. right? it's not so great if you haven't taken a step back to look at your overall look. Because who wants just one perfect eye?!

11. take your time

We get it, time is money and on some occasions; you just don't have time to spare. However, remember; a perfect makeup outcome; is a happy girl! We believe in you!
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Alexandria Hammond

Great came when it said it was. Lovely will be buying from here again

We love to hear this! <3

kirsten carson
Exceeded my expectations!

Omg I brought the XL box and received so many goodies! They said expect 10+ items but I got 18!!! Lashes, a brush, lipsticks, bronzer, eyeshadow pallet, eyeliners, setting spray, glitter and glitter glue! One happy customer and now a regular client!

Woohooo!! So happy you liked it Kirsten! xx


I am loving this course. The online learning platform is really easy to use. The girls are so supportive and raapinaive. I have amazed myself at what I can do 😀

We are so glad you are enjoying the course Heather!! We love watching our students grow and do what we can to support you on your journey!

Classic Lash Tray - D Curl 0.12 Mixed
Melina Sokhounthea Morl
Classic Lash Tray - D Curl 0.12 Mixed

I'm in love and obsessed with D Curls! My love for BBA Lash Trays! Thanks for being such a great mentor. Love stocking up on your products xoxo

Love to hear this Melina! x